Foods You Must Try on Kauai

We are so thankful for our island, and that you can spend your vacations with us and embrace your loved ones. Quality time with your Ohana can be spent eating some must try foods on Kauai. Read on to learn about the many delicious and unique food options that you must try during your next trip.

First, a trip to Kauai isn’t complete without some shave ice. One of the favorite places on Kauai is Wailua Shave Ice or JoJo’s Shave Ice, which is located close to the resort. The best part of Hawaiian shave ice is the addition of vanilla or macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom, which is then topped with the shave ice and flavor options of your choice. Customize these delicious treats to your own liking and have fun choosing from all the different flavors.

Colorful Shaved Ice

Next, we can’t forget one of the most classic food options that are a must try on Kauai… and that is Loco Moco. You’ll find some variations of Loco Moco, but the traditional dish is white rice topped with a hamburger, fried egg, and brown gravy. Your taste buds will thank you for this one!

Another must try food in Kauai is poke. Poke is diced raw fish and is one of the most popular dishes in Hawaii. You can find poke dishes such as poke nachos, poke bowls, poke tacos and so much more. If this is something you like, be sure to check out some of the nearby local places, like Hanalei Poke, for this fresh and delicious meal.

Poke bowls - The traditional Hawaiian food

Finally, it’s no secret that Kauai is home to some of the best seafood dishes. Fresh seafood is a staple in Kauai, and if you haven’t tried macadamia nut mahi mahi or coconut shrimp with pineapple salsa then this is the place to do it.

If your mouth is watering already, then don’t wait and book your stay at Makai Club Resort and plan on trying some (or all) of these amazing food options on your next visit! Plus, check out our blog post about the best Luau experiences in Kauai where you can try a variety of local dishes and enjoy a memorable show at the same time.


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