Kauai’s Top Natural Gems That Your Family Must Experience

Kauai is a treasure chest of untouched, jaw-dropping slices of nature and adventures for the whole family. We have done the research for you, so all you need to be is be wow’d, invigorated, and to get your vacation planning notebook out!

The Na Pali Coast: Hike the trail, helicopter over it, boat along side it – whatever you do; it is a must on your itinerary. There really isn’t anything else on earth like it!

DO go chasing waterfalls! Kauai is dazzled with breathtaking waterfalls all over the island. Find them on your own or with a tour group, either way, your soul will greatly appreciate it!

Waimea Canyon: Known as the Grand Canyon in the Pacific, the red clay and deep valleys will certainly cultivate wonder and awe in everyone in your crew!

Warm water, colorful coral, and captivating caves: Splash around in the ocean, go for a snorkel and see the magical world below, or join an Indian Jones-style kayak tour through the caves of Kauai!

Those are our top picks, but Kauai is drenched with untouched nature exploration and adventures that are suitable for all ages. We’d love to hear from you – what are your favorite places to hike, swim, surf, walk, kayak, boat, fly above, and so forth?


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